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Do not get dosed off seeing these pictures…It is a PICTO-BLOG

NOTE: I don’t know if “PICTO-BLOG” is really a word… if it isn’t never mind ..I’ve created a new word…it means blog of pictures…


தத்துவம்.Thathuvam. .Philosophy.Or CALL IT A ‘QUOTE’. Part 3. STORY-PART-II

From Faint TO Bold Before I start…If you haven’t read the previous on chances are that you will not understand what I wrote here. Click on this to go to the last one: The last one Okay let’s continue I never understood it why until I realized 2πr was the radius of the circle. ItContinue reading “தத்துவம்.Thathuvam. .Philosophy.Or CALL IT A ‘QUOTE’. Part 3. STORY-PART-II”


Painter,Thinks of Dumb things,Photographer(“not professional“)

Hey!I am Amritaa…I do random stuff and change my act of profession all the time. I might become a poet, a photographer, a painter, a leader at any point of time.I love Nature and the scenaries…never mind if you too many greens or skies in this….And remember that I am just a 14 year old.Hope you find me crazy.😅

I can only solve one side of the rubix cube..😆
Proof that even I do PHOTOGRAPHY
I find the scene,The scene finds me….
Gradient mornings
I woke up that day and came to see this beautiful scene -Urban and the Sun.
Don’t tell you saw this in Google Meet…
One fine afternoon and grey glistening trees…

Start exploring meee….

Nothing more…you can continue and stop wasting time here and go onnnnnn……

Nice right? Did this with a few continuous pics…

My other page on Photography:


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