The Breeze of Then

This never ending loop of me thinking always of a negative in a soo nice thing-time travelling. It was a part of my EA activity. It was about time travelling. I just wonder something always other than the thing given. Here is my imagination for you..

With some mystic pen,
I wrote nineteen eighty, then
A bus with red stripes and palm trees passing by ,

In the nineteen eighties,
The fresh breeze hitting me,
Wondering where I get air from nowhere,

My blood too was flowing back ,
My heart was beating backwards,
Before I die, Before my birth,
I travelled back to my present.
This one rare photo on the internet. Red bus with stripes. This just my favorite no other bus can replace this. (Though I haven’t travelled in this),

I particularly took Nineteen-Eighty ,because it was the year my mother was born. The number really fascinates me for some reason. Also it was indeed the retro time(In the Tamil way). That’s the main reason I mention palm trees and red striped buses. They were prominent during that time. Some song of the tamil retro conqueror Maestro Ilayaraja or a movie influenced me to this . I guess you must’ve guessed the movie by now…though I’ve seen only a part of the comedy scene… I am a sort of an antiquarian.

The palm trees

Imagine you went here with your camera. With the time I have I will surely not waste it I’ll take pictures and if it is a retro camera…that would be amazing.

Well to the note, These pictures were and are not taken by me …and I wish I could.

I’m sorry I connected random ideas to it…It was just my feelings and thoughts…

Do leave a thought on how you felt about this…:)

Published by Amritaa

Just a 14 year favourite stuff are photography,drawing,painting,using laws in random situations and enjoying the nature...

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