A block of my day FOR WHAT I FELT BAD OF

On a sunny Wednesday, I had to go for a eye check up.You know..online classes and so you must update your glasses.Hey! that rhymes…

Continuing my way…

I carried my blue water bottle that has more power than Pashupatastra. It has gone through a lot of hits…I got my sanitizer, and put on a double mask…One was a N-95 and other was a cloth mask.On my way in the car with dark and light coming up alternately in the Namma Metro roadway. By the Adyar Ananda Bhavan road, our car stopped…My window was half open .My heart was just melting by the heat of not helping people on the road. Transgenders, women, children …of my age too!

One such was when a boy elder to me came by the window with innocence. He sold stickers. The hot sun hitting his head, giving a place of shade for me like a brother. He almost begged .My dad always said he would make anyone study and give money…I wondered why he swayed his hand and closed the windows(slightly).That hurted me more than ever. I imagined myself in his place and coincidentally that day our Economics chapter started of being an asset and a liability. Even though many are aware that many children come in the road at the traffic to beg and survive for their livelihood, Why isn’t the government focusing on such people or why do the educated also ignore such things?. They only state that we are in a bad state because we are not educating or doing. I am not blaming one person, but all. I felt sad that I couldn’t even give a rupee of my own. I will ensure myself to bring something or the other, food, chocolate or money to at least make them happy. And when I earn, I will surely save some money to help people. And so I think I atleast listed out one of many such situations of poor humanity.

Hope all of us keep this in mind, and most adults know this importance. I wrote this all imagining myself in his place. This all I could do from side being a student/youngster .I think adults have the power now, enough to train and gain. I hope you all can help making everyone aware of this.

Published by Amritaa

Just a 14 year old...my favourite stuff are photography,drawing,painting,using laws in random situations and enjoying the nature...

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