These three words seem quite related, at the same time irrelated. What makes it sensible?

Let’s just start off…I had been in my grandmother’s home, I was allowed to play for a few days. I had known many of them and it was a while since I had stepped a foot there.

Things had changed. It was either playing rarely -badminton or country game or it would be watching youtube. I had really lost my mind seeing these things happen. It was after so much time that many from their places had come to spend time. It was rather, they preferred a game of badminton for a while and youtube mostly.

One of my friend’s cousin too had come there at that time.

It was highly depressing me as we had spent a complete year in social media and expected that at least here, “I” would enjoy a streak of breeze around our sweat.

Expectations you know, mostly doesn’t exist.

Well, when they wanted to watch youtube, it was only the popular T.V people, people with a high number of subscribers or it would be ghosts …STRICTLY no other topic!

Really! I mostly avoided that, so I got less time spent with them.

While I tried to alteast be united seeing youtube with them, but then I realized when this incident though a short one, happened.

One of my friends had come across a youtube community poll, from her favorite youtube channel. Rather call it choice making. It was something like to guess what video would come next. Okay ! I thought to myself. She had apparently selected that option, which was of the majority, and screamed a big YAAAYYYY. I wondered why …..she added to my question, SHE TOLD SHE WAS HAPPY BECAUSE SHE SELECTED THE MAJORITY and then SHE TOLD: “I HAVE SELECTED THE CORRECT OPTION”.

Well, a choice of yours is your correct option but not because of the majority. It only comes as such when it is a little important and quick decision.

This immensely disheartened me. I thought social media was a place to put you and yourself and was the best platform to portray yourself. I thought social media would make people INSPIRE but it rather INFLUENCED.

Not only that , the algorithms that are made of such are made to give you a slow poison of poisoning yourself with useless thoughts.

People feel that they are not talented enough, ugly, make rude comments, are faking, scrolling through those 15-second videos, I thought these were platforms to portray our talent or anything of reality, but this engulfed reality and made itself so. By social media we are thinking that we are open-minded, rather we are becoming inside of an atmosphere.

And do you remember reality shows? not these days’ but those days’.The performers used to feel so grateful and hardworking to get a platform. Amazingly it has reverted, the platform has been open to all I don’t blame, but people are striving to be recognized through this.

These days, computers decide what we write I meant both the ways.

Grammarly, I thought was a tool to find better words and know it(I meant the words) better, and use it on our own. But now it has become essential as your need and people feel nervous or empty without it.

Vlogs are intentionally faking, with promotions. I thought promotions were those which helped you get to a level and they were just there. but now, yup you know.

Ads were better faking then or overacting, people think it is cringy and now for promotions, they use such ideas.


There had been a day recently this year, wherein almost all social media was paused for about an hour.

Once it was opened, people rather started screaming why it had paused or blaming or shocked too much.

I immensely feel bad.

Around the 2000s till 2019 at least, people had fixed timings for work but nowadays it’s just all-day work. We feel guilt for wasting time, and yet continue it?

It affects an individual more than ever very slowly, yet effective.

It was then when I watched this movie COMALI, where I got to know myself and how much an average person is affected, and on comparing with those with COMA would not be much different.

Aspects are more, realise and take your choice.

You need not forget that you have your own rule to yourself.


Don’t Let others cover your thoughts when your heart feels it is right.

Published by Amritaa

Just a 14 year favourite stuff are photography,drawing,painting,using laws in random situations and enjoying the nature...

2 thoughts on “Majority-Mentality-Happiness?

  1. This is so true. There are times when my friends stop the cricket match in between and start watching their phones. The writing is so pure and understanding. Gotta show it to my friends. Hoping they would understand. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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