Infinite Runner

It’s just something we have realised, made to ourselves and hate it the most, I do it myself, as I feel I need more, yet there is plenty on my way. Even if I would wish to stop it, logic would tie me, because it runs anywhere and anytime indeed!- TIME

Why are you so fast ,don't you notice me?
I don't notice anyone ,don't you know me?
Why do you run so slow, I can't wait!
Perhaps, it's not my fault I didn't make the rate.
Why do you run so fast, when I am late?
Perhaps, it's not my fault you made me!
Why do I hate you ,but need you the most ?
It's just a tresury,a mystery that's always lost, 
But you won't believe me, I've put the key in your heads,
Yet you find for it when you have it in your heads .

Published by Amritaa

Just a 14 year favourite stuff are photography,drawing,painting,using laws in random situations and enjoying the nature...

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