Yup, A bunch of days have gone by and I haven’t touched to write/type any

I would not like to give reasons, but the reason(s) is[ARE]
1.That Sometimes I forget I have a blog
2.That my EXAMS [the “X” ☠️ already stands for that danger sign that haunts me everytime] were nearing by
3.That sometimes I lose interest.

~I would prodly like to say~


But really, like I don’t get content sometimes and also, I am a great PROCASTINATOR,if you don’t believe, right from the beggining of the day, I just have around six to seven alarms that ring consecutively, and you know I just slam off with that snooze on or calmly+angrily turn it off and get back to bed[OR SOMETIMES SWITCH OFF THAT DEVICE – POWER OFF].

I turn it off to that last alarm you’d intend to hear. If there was a time-table that forced me to wake up, It’d certainly have a time called “RECOVERY TIME” which is actually recovering from sleep. Which now usually occurs right after the sky is bright enough to shove your eyes and you turn to the other side to sleep as if it is dark.

It just begins with my mom really cool ,who never minds about my daily routine, but really cares about my work being completed that day, but I can’t help it Because now I’ll turn FIFTEEN in a few months and 15 means you’ve entered that nightmare that you never wanted to step right when you got to 7th or 8th grade.

But changes are inevitable, especially when you change [you don’t intend to but years tend to make so].

Anyway, continuing from where I left, She just calls out to me once and I try to wake up.

My recovery time is usually about 15-30 minutes[like why would I type the spelling of each number out when there are numbers on my keyboard].And laze out for the journey of the day.

Also, I have great energy to wake up and go turn off the alarm in any room and sleep back.

Yes I have thought what you are thinking right now to yourself, I can’t help it IT IS MY ENERGETIC NATURE 😂 especially when my subconsicoius mind is aware that It’s a holiday.[ MY SUBCONSIOUS MIND IS MUCH AWARE OF THE INFORMATION THAT IS ABSOLUTELY NOT NECESSARY]

Well, leave down a comment if you too have this ENERGETIC nature as I do! q(≧▽≦q)

Published by Amritaa

Just a 14 year old...my favourite stuff are photography,drawing,painting,using laws in random situations and enjoying the nature...

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