I always thought only I feel bad when you I scolded really bad, But I really didn’t know a level would come to increase that brim and which leads to my ear paining or my throat aching, ah… such a nice way to address a ENT specialist!

Really but that wasn’t the pitch, it was THEWORDS“, just a few words , few sentences 3 minutes, more than a hour of grief .

They’re just revouluting around me.

Anyway let’s see what this is

How much, I find I am in millions
To increase my rim to not let it drain
Yet to lead in ground , leading to saline rivers and seas

How much more do I increase my rim
To let it flow back in—

The spirit of sound aching to break out it’s rim
The spirit of list aching to let it out
The spirit of thoughts flowing back in

All I have is words to say write
To make my drain flow fast

Before I get caught
With any evidence that I laught 🥲.

Where’s that Dust OF Snow for me 😶‍🌫️ when my enire ENVIRONMENT is a MIXTURE

Yeah that mixture , really I am serious

Anyway let’s see if there’s a part two

Published by Amritaa

Just a 14 year old...my favourite stuff are photography,drawing,painting,using laws in random situations and enjoying the nature...

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