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I always thought only I feel bad when you I scolded really bad, But I really didn’t know a level would come to increase that brim and which leads to my ear paining or my throat aching, ah… such a nice way to address a ENT specialist! Really but that wasn’t the pitch, it wasContinue reading “RIM”

Yup, A bunch of days have gone by and I haven’t touched to write/type any

I would not like to give reasons, but the reason(s) is[ARE] 1.That Sometimes I forget I have a blog2.That my EXAMS [the “X” ☠️ already stands for that danger sign that haunts me everytime] were nearing by3.That sometimes I lose interest. ~I would prodly like to say~ TODAY IS THE DAY OF ENLIGHMENT OF THEContinue reading “Yup, A bunch of days have gone by and I haven’t touched to write/type any”

Infinite Runner

It’s just something we have realised, made to ourselves and hate it the most, I do it myself, as I feel I need more, yet there is plenty on my way. Even if I would wish to stop it, logic would tie me, because it runs anywhere and anytime indeed!- TIME Why are you soContinue reading “Infinite Runner”

Weird stuff noticed-|||

A “W” does not look as it sounds ie, Double-U… But it surely looks like A Double-V . But yeah , it may differ from person-to-person hadwriting or rather, today call it the fonts they use. Any way , but it’s sounds better when we tell it as Double U , I guess that’s becauseContinue reading “Weird stuff noticed-|||”

Weird thing!

We like using bald emojis mostly 😂 (including this). Yeah that’s a one liner blog.


This is my first attempt writing a sestet with keeping atleast 3 literary devices in my mind while writing…If you find any do comment down! Here goes the poem, Just like the rising sun it looks, Or sometimes like a green parrot, Pulpy,juicy,sweet,gradient,sour— So diverse in variety from many places, But just not my favouriteContinue reading “THOUGH NOT MY FAVOURITE FRUIT”


This is my quote, For Success Make your Path, Walk on it. — Amritaa But, mostly I am into Thalapathy Vijay’s quotes First, Usupethuravan kitta ummunum, kadupethuravan kitta gammunum irundha life jammunu irukkum. Be silent to the people who trigger you, Be calm to the person who irritates you,When followed life is happy. But thisContinue reading “WHAT’S THE WAY TO SUCCESS?”

Why Is death Cathartic ? An Old Aged soul’s thought……

This was one of the poems keeping in my mind as an old person…Land precisely filled with many felt souls and yet covered by the concreate forests , thankfully S/he got their place and yet pondering upon things…Here’s the poem… Just laying on the soil, the mud covering me, a few flowers blooming in remembranceContinue reading “Why Is death Cathartic ? An Old Aged soul’s thought……”

தத்துவம்.Thathuvam. .Philosophy.Or CALL IT A ‘QUOTE’. Part 3. STORY-PART-II

From Faint TO Bold Before I start…If you haven’t read the previous on chances are that you will not understand what I wrote here. Click on this to go to the last one: The last one Okay let’s continue I never understood it why until I realized 2πr was the radius of the circle. ItContinue reading “தத்துவம்.Thathuvam. .Philosophy.Or CALL IT A ‘QUOTE’. Part 3. STORY-PART-II”

தத்துவம்.Thathuvam. .Philosophy.Or CALL IT A ‘QUOTE’. Part 3. STORY-PART-I

NOTE: ALL OF THESE PICTURES WERE TAKEN BY ME Yet another quote by me… It’s something that we must’ve all experienced(I assume).The example I am about to give is what my Math Teacher(Smita mam)says always to never remember anything in bits and fragments “IT WILL JUST CONFUSE YOU” It’s better to not remember it thanContinue reading “தத்துவம்.Thathuvam. .Philosophy.Or CALL IT A ‘QUOTE’. Part 3. STORY-PART-I”

In the Chamber of thoughts

What do you think it is?(I know this is a very useless question here)You think it’s your brain right? (This too)Isn’t it weird that you learn about your brain and it replies to you saying ‘brain’ and not that “It’s me”. And what if you forget about your brain… it wouldn’t help you to tellContinue reading “In the Chamber of thoughts”

Unnoticed magnificent things…-I

These are some random things that I think…And believe it’s true. SOME DEEP THOUGHTS AT BORED TIMES. As we write the weight of the book too increases. The weight of ink of each page, and the number of refills and pens used… Date of thought.

The Breeze of Then

This never ending loop of me thinking always of a negative in a soo nice thing-time travelling. It was a part of my EA activity. It was about time travelling. I just wonder something always other than the thing given. Here is my imagination for you.. I particularly took Nineteen-Eighty ,because it was the yearContinue reading “The Breeze of Then”

தத்துவம்.Thathuvam. Philosophy or rather call it a “QUOTE”-2.

Note:These pictures are totally taken by me… Evening glory of the greens Signs of Spring These were taken in my home town-Trichy in my grandmother’s home. If you liked this drop a clap and do like it… DO LEAVE A COMMENT Do not be formal like a friend…express it in simple words…😀 View myContinue reading “தத்துவம்.Thathuvam. Philosophy or rather call it a “QUOTE”-2.”

தத்துவம்.Thathuvam. .Philosophy.Or CALL IT A ‘QUOTE’.

Here’s one of my random philosophies …or rather in my way and mother toungue, THATHUVAM – தத்துவம். NOTE:THIS IS TOTALLY MADE BY ME . AND THESE PICTURES ARE TAKEN BY ME. TRANSLATED FORM: It Means, When you cry, it is not worth of salt or doesn’t become the sea. Totally made by me…. Leave clapContinue reading “தத்துவம்.Thathuvam. .Philosophy.Or CALL IT A ‘QUOTE’.”

Racing the sun,Having fun

NOTE: PICTURE TAKEN BY ME.-AMRITAA Jumping through the shores I go,  The waves rising mildly slow  Through the heights, it goes   Reflecting the sun, it glows The sand being coarse  Makes me run across  Here I go, there I go, To collect a million seashells Collecting through I run Trying to race the sun It wasContinue reading “Racing the sun,Having fun”

Will I Achieve It…-From Exams To Dreams

Note: THIS PICTURE WAS CLICKED BY ME It is full of stress and fire  Sweating with undesire  Diligent while studying  Vigilant while doing my sums  But what happens when it comes?  Crying with eccentricity  Unknown by these people  What am I going to do with their loans, debts and desires?  When I can’t do on mine…?  Fines for my play, fun and laughter Continue reading “Will I Achieve It…-From Exams To Dreams”

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