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It is indeed an adventure again to write a poem after a dusty time, and yet again a sestet. This time it was an impromptu and was pretty quick. To my surprise I did two of them on the same day within the same time frame (the english period– 35-45 minutes). PREVIOUS SESTET It wasContinue reading “Sesteture!”

What I do is always plemmeting

Also known as LAKING CONSISTENCY. Why I ask myself, and here are what pop in my head DISTRACTIONS OVER CONFIDENCE AFTER JUST ONE SUCCESS Maybe these are the most prominent things I’d say what makes me today. I am still in a dilemma, if making mistakes are good or not , or call it riskContinue reading “What I do is always plemmeting”

Yup, A bunch of days have gone by and I haven’t touched to write/type any

I would not like to give reasons, but the reason(s) is[ARE] 1.That Sometimes I forget I have a blog2.That my EXAMS [the “X” ☠️ already stands for that danger sign that haunts me everytime] were nearing by3.That sometimes I lose interest. ~I would prodly like to say~ TODAY IS THE DAY OF ENLIGHMENT OF THEContinue reading “Yup, A bunch of days have gone by and I haven’t touched to write/type any”


This is my first attempt writing a sestet with keeping atleast 3 literary devices in my mind while writing…If you find any do comment down! Here goes the poem, Just like the rising sun it looks, Or sometimes like a green parrot, Pulpy,juicy,sweet,gradient,sour— So diverse in variety from many places, But just not my favouriteContinue reading “THOUGH NOT MY FAVOURITE FRUIT”