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It is indeed an adventure again to write a poem after a dusty time, and yet again a sestet. This time it was an impromptu and was pretty quick. To my surprise I did two of them on the same day within the same time frame (the english period– 35-45 minutes). PREVIOUS SESTET It wasContinue reading “Sesteture!”


This is my first attempt writing a sestet with keeping atleast 3 literary devices in my mind while writing…If you find any do comment down! Here goes the poem, Just like the rising sun it looks, Or sometimes like a green parrot, Pulpy,juicy,sweet,gradient,sour— So diverse in variety from many places, But just not my favouriteContinue reading “THOUGH NOT MY FAVOURITE FRUIT”

Why Is death Cathartic ? An Old Aged soul’s thought……

This was one of the poems keeping in my mind as an old person…Land precisely filled with many felt souls and yet covered by the concreate forests , thankfully S/he got their place and yet pondering upon things…Here’s the poem… Just laying on the soil, the mud covering me, a few flowers blooming in remembranceContinue reading “Why Is death Cathartic ? An Old Aged soul’s thought……”

The Breeze of Then

This never ending loop of me thinking always of a negative in a soo nice thing-time travelling. It was a part of my EA activity. It was about time travelling. I just wonder something always other than the thing given. Here is my imagination for you.. I particularly took Nineteen-Eighty ,because it was the yearContinue reading “The Breeze of Then”

Will I Achieve It…-From Exams To Dreams

Note: THIS PICTURE WAS CLICKED BY ME It is full of stress and fire  Sweating with undesire  Diligent while studying  Vigilant while doing my sums  But what happens when it comes?  Crying with eccentricity  Unknown by these people  What am I going to do with their loans, debts and desires?  When I can’t do on mine…?  Fines for my play, fun and laughter Continue reading “Will I Achieve It…-From Exams To Dreams”