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What I do is always plemmeting

Also known as LAKING CONSISTENCY. Why I ask myself, and here are what pop in my head DISTRACTIONS OVER CONFIDENCE AFTER JUST ONE SUCCESS Maybe these are the most prominent things I’d say what makes me today. I am still in a dilemma, if making mistakes are good or not , or call it riskContinue reading “What I do is always plemmeting”

Yup, A bunch of days have gone by and I haven’t touched to write/type any

I would not like to give reasons, but the reason(s) is[ARE] 1.That Sometimes I forget I have a blog2.That my EXAMS [the “X” ☠️ already stands for that danger sign that haunts me everytime] were nearing by3.That sometimes I lose interest. ~I would prodly like to say~ TODAY IS THE DAY OF ENLIGHMENT OF THEContinue reading “Yup, A bunch of days have gone by and I haven’t touched to write/type any”


Well, let it not be religious for now. Let’s just dive into what it is.Karma in simple terms is a boomerang of life. Small incidents, not only being joyous or enjoying makes you happy but someone getting revenged without your inputs also make you happy. Haven’t you never felt Jelous? Or ever felt angry whenContinue reading “Worth The Wait.WAIT FOR THE WORTH- KARMA”


These three words seem quite related, at the same time irrelated. What makes it sensible? Let’s just start off…I had been in my grandmother’s home, I was allowed to play for a few days. I had known many of them and it was a while since I had stepped a foot there. Things had changed.Continue reading “Majority-Mentality-Happiness?”

Why Is death Cathartic ? An Old Aged soul’s thought……

This was one of the poems keeping in my mind as an old person…Land precisely filled with many felt souls and yet covered by the concreate forests , thankfully S/he got their place and yet pondering upon things…Here’s the poem… Just laying on the soil, the mud covering me, a few flowers blooming in remembranceContinue reading “Why Is death Cathartic ? An Old Aged soul’s thought……”

A block of my day FOR WHAT I FELT BAD OF

On a sunny Wednesday, I had to go for a eye check up.You classes and so you must update your glasses.Hey! that rhymes… Continuing my way… I carried my blue water bottle that has more power than Pashupatastra. It has gone through a lot of hits…I got my sanitizer, and put on a doubleContinue reading “A block of my day FOR WHAT I FELT BAD OF”

தத்துவம்.Thathuvam. .Philosophy.Or CALL IT A ‘QUOTE’. Part 3. STORY-PART-II

From Faint TO Bold Before I start…If you haven’t read the previous on chances are that you will not understand what I wrote here. Click on this to go to the last one: The last one Okay let’s continue I never understood it why until I realized 2πr was the radius of the circle. ItContinue reading “தத்துவம்.Thathuvam. .Philosophy.Or CALL IT A ‘QUOTE’. Part 3. STORY-PART-II”