What is PHOTOGRAPHY in My Perspective….



What photography is in my eyes…

Photography in my eyes are which give an emotion to your hard-work. It creates a symphony in my heart.It gives a satisfaction and a undescribable happiness and a pure heart which really can heal anybody. Just like when a chilling breeze just passes by you when you are sweating or the happiness you get on listening to your favourite song on the radio….my EYES JUST FIND SOOTHING.Trust me .It’s soothing than watching YouTube .It improves your observatory skills and realise how nature can be beautiful than you thought ever before…Not only nature…but both urban and nature too make it soo good.How grateful can we be to have this enchanting nature…Take a moment and go to your terrace…see the minute and rare incomparable beauty …even humans are not worth of this because we only knew how to destroy it ,be self-esteemed and selfish.Take a few pictures, what you think is beautiful without any filters…see it after a year…even though the objects are same but the feeling and time of it is just unforgettable…probably like your childhood memories…I’m sorry if it has gone too long and for the change in topics …but these are my feelings…Here are some pictures that I like and took…If put a huge lot of time thinking to type about photography..

As I BLABBERED here ,there is a quote that explains it …

Photography is the story I fail to put into words

Destin Sparks

Promise me one thing take a lot of pictures because you will only regret the ones you didn’t take.

Nicholas Sparks

These are my most favourite quotes…but while take pictures I often run out of storage space😂😒…

Huge money plant with that spotlight effect from the sun
.This pink streak.
…Hidden Moon…


The wires and the sky… when we travel on the roads is just a different feeling….
It’s the floor
Super powerful,Ultra-radiant

Another one…

The camera basically is a license to explore

Jerry Uelsmann

We take photographs as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.

Katie Thurmes
Cute leaves
clouds and leaves/just a nice feeling at 16:00
The evenings at 17:00
The 🔥FIRE🔥

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Cool isn’t it ?…made this with a burst shot

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