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These three words seem quite related, at the same time irrelated. What makes it sensible? Let’s just start off…I had been in my grandmother’s home, I was allowed to play for a few days. I had known many of them and it was a while since I had stepped a foot there. Things had changed.Continue reading “Majority-Mentality-Happiness?”

தத்துவம்.Thathuvam. .Philosophy.Or CALL IT A ‘QUOTE’. Part 3. STORY-PART-I

NOTE: ALL OF THESE PICTURES WERE TAKEN BY ME Yet another quote by me… It’s something that we must’ve all experienced(I assume).The example I am about to give is what my Math Teacher(Smita mam)says always to never remember anything in bits and fragments “IT WILL JUST CONFUSE YOU” It’s better to not remember it thanContinue reading “தத்துவம்.Thathuvam. .Philosophy.Or CALL IT A ‘QUOTE’. Part 3. STORY-PART-I”

In the Chamber of thoughts

What do you think it is?(I know this is a very useless question here)You think it’s your brain right? (This too)Isn’t it weird that you learn about your brain and it replies to you saying ‘brain’ and not that “It’s me”. And what if you forget about your brain… it wouldn’t help you to tellContinue reading “In the Chamber of thoughts”

The Breeze of Then

This never ending loop of me thinking always of a negative in a soo nice thing-time travelling. It was a part of my EA activity. It was about time travelling. I just wonder something always other than the thing given. Here is my imagination for you.. I particularly took Nineteen-Eighty ,because it was the yearContinue reading “The Breeze of Then”

Rain Rain and Rain…-The rain’s Routine

The soothing drops of rain… The rain’s routine I think you can call it a Rai-Co-Strip, Rain-Comic-Strip.I don’t know…Rain-logue..Or something. Any way these were some pictures I took during this unceasing July rain… This eventually how the day goes about by rain….. I often confuse myself when the rain drops hit the window. I misconceiveContinue reading “Rain Rain and Rain…-The rain’s Routine”

தத்துவம்.Thathuvam. Philosophy or rather call it a “QUOTE”-2.

Note:These pictures are totally taken by me… Evening glory of the greens Signs of Spring These were taken in my home town-Trichy in my grandmother’s home. If you liked this drop a clap and do like it… DO LEAVE A COMMENT Do not be formal like a friend…express it in simple words…😀 View myContinue reading “தத்துவம்.Thathuvam. Philosophy or rather call it a “QUOTE”-2.”

Radiant clouds…. Coconut Trees

These pictures are totally taken by me at the same place in my Home Town- Trichy/ Tiruchirapalli… I really don’t know why I am obsessed with this…This is always a sudden , unexpected rare satisfaction. Even though I visit the terrace over a hundred times ,it’s a fresh feeling that changes over with the moodyContinue reading “Radiant clouds…. Coconut Trees”