Why Is death Cathartic ? An Old Aged soul’s thought……

This was one of the poems keeping in my mind as an old person…Land precisely filled with many felt souls and yet covered by the concreate forests , thankfully S/he got their place and yet pondering upon things…Here’s the poem…

Just laying on the soil, the mud covering me,
a few flowers blooming in remembrance of me,
grasses growing right above my nose,
Am I still alive right beneath the soil?
The sun hits me indirectly, I feel so warm,
When it rains, my feet's so cold.
Didn't they bother to put a blanket on me 
But the soil just holding air in between it
must've bothered me-
I was grateful to be a soul
which can roam around, why am I saying 
my soul a 'which'?
No It's good, It has my name in my memory
All I  understood was the Earth cares me 
not the human in/on her .

This was not to hurt anyone, but imagining a person who was born in the early 40’s 50’s may feel this century very much weird. Competely filled with trees then, came later with buildings. It was much filled with nature then, came later with gadgets.

What else can I do to make this clear.


Save nature , Save you , Save HER.

Published by Amritaa

Just a 14 year old...my favourite stuff are photography,drawing,painting,using laws in random situations and enjoying the nature...

4 thoughts on “Why Is death Cathartic ? An Old Aged soul’s thought……

    1. Thanks! Yet it’s reality , hope most understand it !
      It’s disheartening that from the last three decades when globalisation took place, global warming has increased and so has the hole in the ozone layer widened.
      Though these are irrelated topics , they occured at the same time period


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